We are Synergee

A company developed to provide tools and resources to help functional medicine practices thrive in their own space by gaining confidence in clinical decision making and at the same time thrive financially in this space of healthcare.

Our goals are to create a strong functional medicine provider community and a platform that inspires, encourages, and helps educate those desiring to have very successful functional medicine practices.

Whether you are just surviving in the functional medicine space or thriving, scaling without burnout is a reality we practitioners all face in this space at some point or another. Whether at start up or years of change in economy, state of our nation and our own seasons of our lives.

What is functional medicine?

You may have heard it called Root Cause Medicine, Holistic Health, Integrative Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine.

Functional Medicine is the practice of looking at you as a whole, your health throughout your entire life, understanding and eradicating the root cause of your symptoms, and creating a lifestyle of wellness, energy, and longevity.

The Who

Two nurse practitioners who have advanced fellowship training and certification in functional medicine.

The What

We are Synergee! A company developed to provide tools and resources to help functional medicine providers gain confidence in clinical decision-making

The Why

To create a network of quality functional medicine providers and a resource network of specialties to treat the many consumers that are seeking.

The How

Weekly content to educate, inspire, and share, content that is thought-provoking and business growth-focused, private coaching of providers, books, and other resources.

Wellness is a practice not just a word.

Real Strategies to reach your goals

With over 45 years of combined experience, we aim to build a strong functional medicine provider community.

  • Consulting
  • Customizable Curriculum
  • Health Coaching
  • Lesson Plans
  • Team Coaching

Do you have the passion to help people, but not know how to implement it?

The Synergee Podcast

Welcome to the Synergee podcast where Lori Esarey and Kelly Engelmann shed light on powerful tools and topics that nourish your body and most importantly feed your soul.

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