Our Consulting Services

The Process

1. Discovery

2. Implementation

3. Resources



Gaining an understanding of the needs of the client, who they are, what they do, where are they at right now, where they want to go with their practice, who they serve, and what they want to accomplish.  It’s an assessment of need.  It’s a very in-depth conversation and an exploration together.


Taking what we did during exploration and partnering with our clients in how to execute the plan over time with what you want to accomplish. It’s helping our clients navigate the plan. We want our clients to prosper and thrive.  Help them understand it’s not just a plan, its individualized, it’s customized, its strategic, and it’s the help coming alongside them to meet their metrics for their success.

“Synergee’s wellness plans for Belcara Health has not only transformed the lives of our patients but also significantly elevated the success and reputation of our practice. Their commitment to the holistic well-being of our patients, coupled with their expertise and personalized service, has not only translated into an impressive increase in patient volume and revenue for Belcara, but has also consistently delivered exceptional positive outcomes that truly define the essence of healthcare excellence.”

Dr. Carolyn Riley – Belcara Health

“Not only has there been exceptional weight loss, but the reduction in symptoms and overall well-being has improved greatly from this program”.

“The plethora of positive outcomes from this plan are incredible. From weight loss, and reducing the overall toxic burden to building the healthy habits in a sustainable way, this plan is guaranteed to have a positive effect on your overall health and well-being.”

Ryan Mihalkovitz – Synergee Health Coach


Have you ever walked out of a class or conference full of information but lacked the time and details of how to implement?  It’s the forms, consents, and connections with companies you need.  Is that you?”  Tools, forms, trainings, the education for the provider and their team, tips, and metric calculators.  It’s all the things we hear about at conferences that we wish we had.  It’s our bag of tricks.  It’s the resources and shortcuts that we have.


We know what not to do.  This is about the mentorship, mind-share collaboratives, knowledge sharing, and 1:1’s working with the providers and other leaders in your practice.

Do you have the passion to help people, but not know how to implement it?