40 Days to a Foundation of Wellness Program

What will be provided with the 40 days program:

  • Introduction to Functional/Integrative Medicine

  • Various Questionnaires to gauge symptoms, stress, sleep quality and progress
  • Step by step guidance to build your foundational lifestyle habits (Diet, Exercise/Movement, Sleep, Stress Management, and Supplementation)
  • Daily content that are both informational and motivational
  • Various worksheets, documents and guides to supplement your new knowledge and skills
  • A plethora of delicious recipes
  • An anti-inflammatory Meal Plan
  • Private Facebook group
  • Group Coaching Sessions with a health coach
  • A health companion app for on the go and self paced learning
  • Support throughout the entire program
  • Optional 1:1 coaching sessions
  • A clear and proven path to a healthier YOU!

This program is for someone who is either just starting out on their health and wellness journey or someone who feels they have fallen off their desired plan and needs a structured plan to get back on track. Symptoms this program has helped previous clients with include; fatigue, brain fog, obesity, anxiety, depression, constipation, diarrhea, aches/pains, frequent illness, and so much more! We recommend this program be completed first, except for the VIP subscription as that can be done in conjunction with any program we offer.


Through this program you will walk away with the necessary tools, knowledge and habits that will lay the essential groundwork that is needed for sustainable and long lasting health and wellbeing, regardless of age, gender, and health goals. If you picture a house being built, this program will provide that house with the essential foundation, so that the remainder of the house can be built, while knowing it will not come crumbling down. You will be blown away by how a few simple lifestyle changes can make the biggest impact on how you feel day in and day out. This program will shorten your healing journey faster than any other you may have tried in the past. How do we know this? Because we have built and refined this plan over the last 15 years, working with thousands of people just like yourself, and now this can be done in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. You will have a completely different perspective on health and what it truly takes to be healthy for a long period of time upon completion of this program.

Blood Sugar Bootcamp

What Will be provided with the BSBC program:

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Self paced learning.
  • A plethora of downloadable tools and worksheets to support learning on blood sugar regulation.
  • Blood Sugar friendly recipes.
  • Education on Blood Sugar regulating supplements and nutrients.
  • Health Companion app for tracking and on the go learning.
  • Blood Sugar Educational video classes.
  • Access to live Q&A sessions with Synergee coaches throughout the Bootcamp.
  • Daily short motivational and informational content
  • Optional 1:1 coaching sessions.
  • Access to private Facebook group.
  • Access to a glucose monitor and information on proper use.
  • A clear path to blood sugar stabilization.
This program is for those who have known blood sugar dysregulation or who are interested in learning about the importance of blood sugar and want the proven ways on how to better regulate it. Common symptoms of blood sugar dysregulation include: fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, extreme hunger and cravings to name a few. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, then this program is perfect for you! It is recommended to go through the 40 Days to a Foundation of Wellness first to ensure you will have a solid foundation to build upon with the information given in this program.

After you complete the entire Blood Sugar Bootcamp program you will be armed with a plethora of knowledge and tools to help get your blood sugar regulated and keep it that way. Blood sugar imbalances are a leading cause of most chronic illnesses and the Blood Sugar Bootcamp will set you on course to help reverse or prevent chronic illness due to blood sugar dysregulation. You will learn which supplements and nutrients/foods will balance blood sugar best and the optimal ratios, how to properly check blood sugar levels and how to analyze the results, and proven lifestyle changes that will yield the best results. You will walk away from this program with the power to control your own blood sugar and boost your body’s ability to fend off illness.

VIP Subscription

What Will be provided with the VIP subscription:

  • Monthly topic specific content with the latest and greatest information in functional/integrative medicine
  • A wide variety of downloadables such as delicious recipes, sleep hacks, food tracker, and so much more!
  • Self paced learning
  • Health Companion App for tracking and on the go learning
  • Optional 1:1 coaching
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Monthly topic specific Q+A with a health coach or provider

This program is for those who are just getting into the integrative medicine field or those who are wanting a deeper dive into the latest and greatest functional medicine topics. Whether you are on day 1 of your journey or have been on it for a long time, this program will provide you with health changing content and concepts regardless of the starting point. For those who enjoy learning and researching, this program will provide you with everything you could ever want. For those who are looking for an accountability partner, look no further because this subscription will provide just that for you and the best part is that it is done in the most sustainable way possible. There isn’t a single person this program would not benefit. This subscription can be done in conjunction with any of our other programs that we offer.


Each month you will be given brand new content with a completely different topic from the previous 11 months. Our goal is for you is to not only walk away from each month having learned something brand new, but have also been able to implement a new change into your lifestyle too that will improve upon that topic. For instance our month on sleep will provide you with cutting edge research and tools to help enhance sleep quality and how you can make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. We love to add bonuses to each month as well so the content just keeps on coming, and the best part is all of this can be done conveniently using your favorite device. With the VIP subscription you will always be up to date on everything functional/integrative medicine.